13 March, 2013

Necklace Inspired Fabric Pull

One of the most exciting parts of quilting for me is the fabric play. It is one of the excuses I maintain for having a ridiculously large stash - shopping at home. It really is lovely to be able to just open the closet, rummage through my bins and bins of fabric, and come up with something pretty to play with.

Here I am playing with fabric from the latest inspiration. This quilt is for a deadline, so once I found my inspiration I dove right in! Above is the initial fabric pull.

Below is the final fabric pull. I decided to edit out the fabrics to reflect the inspiration necklace in direct proportion. It remains to be seen which fabrics actually end up in the final quilt, I'm not sure I have enough of each of these for the planned pattern. We'll just have to see!


Lee D said...

a perfect pull

Samantha said...

Pulling fabric is always one of the best parts of any project...so many possibilities!

felicity said...

This is absolutely my favourite part of any and all projects.

Maja said...

Love the fabrics you pulled out, but I think I would have taken one more of the red-ish.
It´s so hard to stop;-)
Now I´m waiting for the blogpost when you show your quilt!
(No rush needed for me;-D)

Live a Colorful Life said...

That necklace is beautiful. And fabric play is SUCH fun!

Anonymous said...

I always love to see what ends up in the quilt from the pile.