12 December, 2012

Making Progress

I promised myself that I wouldn't start anything new, nothing at all, until at least two things on that massive WIP list got done. Two steps forward, one step back is the story of my life after all. Seeing as I'm desperate to play with some new fabric, need to make a couple or three stockings, and there are pillows needed for our new sofa I thought I better get going on getting things done.

So here is an update:

- Anniversary Quilt is now basted, thanks to Lee, her big family room floor, and her daughter keeping my littles entertained.
- Maple Leaves is quilted and waiting for its binding later today.
- Wine Gums is half quilted, binding already picked out.
- Gum on Concrete is also basted.

It must also be stated that I picked out the fabric for the pillows for the new sofa (and bought the pillow forms) as well as drafted my plan for the Architextures fabric.

Oh, and while helping Lee baste a charm quilt yesterday I remembered that I have 2000+ charms for a Y2K charm swap I did 13 years ago! The box is somewhere in the garage, hopefully not being used as a nest for mice. I think that might win for my oldest UFO.

Two steps forward, one step back.


LauraC said...

I love the orange and pink -can't wait to see it all.

SM RE said...

HA! Its the story of my life too! I just can't seem to help myself...and now after seeing other people's WIP list I am getting tempted again!!!

You have a lovely project to work on, look at those colours...very nice fabrics...hmmm more temptation...lol

Mary Burnette said...

Can anyone tell me an online shop selling the archetectural fabrics used. I can not locate a shop that has them in stock at all. I love them!

Carolyn said...

congrats on the progress! Maple leaves is looking so good! can't wait to see all the other good stuff. :)

Carolyn said...

Mary - You can still find the full architextures group at Pink Chalk http://www.pinkchalkfabrics.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=37_47_875

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

You are always making such beautiful things.

Victoria said...

Don't feel bad, at least your two steps forward, one step back keeps you going in a straight line. I'm more of a two steps forward and one step way off to the side type of gal. I admire your ability to go back and finish things up. And your work is always so lovely, and full of comfort!

Suzanne said...

Isn't it funny how we barter with ourselves? I have a similar one going in my head so I can cast on a new hat and a shawl. Gotta finish the socks for my son and the preemie hat for charity first...Race ya!