23 August, 2012


This was a round robin quilt that languished in the cupboard once it came back to me. I made the center square, then it went around to some other ladies in my guild. Once it came home I wasn't sure what to do with it. I loved the addition of pink, but it made it far more girlie than I'm used to.

But now there is a baby girl in my family and this seems like a rather suitable quilt for her.

I'm going to add another round to bring it up to a more functional size. It's only 27.5'' square. I also think it needs a bit more white. to brighten it up even more.  And definitely a little more pink needs to be added, plus a pink backing.

And now? I love the girlie nature of those pink flowers. Perfect for a precious girl.


Emily said...

Oooo! A bit of pink FMF on the back would be yummy!

Unknown said...