31 August, 2012

Friday Favourites - Sympatico

In my entire quilting career (14 years now) I've only ever purchased an entire quilt line twice. It never so happens that every print, every colour in a line grabs me and makes me excited to create. I've been rather impatiently waiting for Sympatico from Cloud 9 Fabrics to arrive ever since Michelle and Gina posted the previews of the line.

(Interesting side note: the only other line I've gathered in its entirety was another organic line: Shades of Grey from Daisy Janie.)

I waited until I finished a bucketload of work this summer to treat myself to these fabrics. 1/2 yard of each print. I think I need even more of the stripes because they would make such wonderful bindings. Now I impatiently wait for some solids to match so I can get sewing. No hoarding going on here, I'm desperate to cut into those prints!

Not being able to sew myself with the fabric didn't stop me from buying something made from Sympatico. After 10 years with a decent camera I finally picked up a camera strap. It's thick and padded and looks like a little too much for a camera strap, but it is perfect because the girls are constantly borrowing the camera now. This big strap makes me less nervous when they are around. I picked this up from Sew Fantastic. Another Friday Favourite.


Victoria said...

That is indeed a beautiful collection, (Yay! for Cloud9!) and I admire your restraint in waiting for some matching solids. (I have no doubt about how hard it is not to start cutting!)

(Oh, and very nice feature on Etsy's blog!)

CarlyMaria said...

Wow, that line is lovely!! I'm day dreaming about full time employment so I can get more fabric haha

Anonymous said...

Looks great

Karen said...

Aren't the beautiful!!
I always find nice calm stripes hard to find.

Suzanne said...

I am heartened to hear that you have only purchased an entire quilt line twice. I never have but I've only been quilting exactly half as long as you. Does that mean that I'm due for my first purchase of that sort?