15 June, 2012

Slow Down

Stop it! Stop growing so fast!

I say that in my head very frequently, whether I'm looking at my chunky monkey baby, Death Wish Arkison trying yet something new and scary, or the depth of my conversations with The Monster. I wish they would stay teeny and innocent and full of natural curiosity. And not talk back to me.

The Monster turned six this week and Death Wish was four last month. I would be lying if I didn't admit I was thankful that Nikolai keeps me grounded in babyness.

Case in point. The Monster lost her first tooth last week. It was wiggly, oh so wiggly. We were chilling out watching Swamp People when she became very insistent that Daddy pull her tooth. Oddly, she frowned upon a solid punch to knock it out. Instead, we got some embroidery floss. Wrapping it and a quick tug and we had a tooth in hand.

That, of course, meant we need a safe spot for the tooth to rest until the Tooth Fairy showed up. A couple of carefully chosen (Tiger inspired) fabrics, cut into 3'' squares, sewn back to back with a little Red Light Green Light. She was clear that there be no closure of any kind - to make it easier for The Tooth Fairy.

What about making it easy for Mama as she grows up too fast?


Esch House Quilts said...

Quite a transition (if I have my nicknames right) from Smilosaurus to Death Wish :)

felicity said...

I totally hear you. Having only the one babe, I realize that her babyhood (she's now 4½" went by in a flash. Actually, everything's going by in a flash. I also hear you on the talking back. "Assertive"!

cambric cotton said...

Totally understand, I have five, grown adults now, but with the last one I wanted so much to keep her a baby or remember her and all the cute things she did.

Susan Being Snippy said...

I so understand your wish to slowdown -- many a time I had the same though when a milestone approached! now they are 38 and 35 years old! (but there are still milestones)

how to pull a tooth said...

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Anonymous said...

Quite a transition (if I have my nicknames right) from Smilosaurus to Death Wish :)