25 February, 2011

Mable Murple

We're taking a bit of a diversion from the usual book reviews this week. That's because I, and my girls, cannot resist this book. And when it's about colour, then we quilters are automatically drawn to it.

Mable Murple is the latest offering from a fantastic Canadian author, Sheree Fitch. The illustrations are by Sydney Smith (who also illustrated The Dread Crew, another deleriously fun kids book.)

An energetic rhythm to the book and an all purple colour scheme. That pretty much defines heaven for many a preschool girl! Mable is an adventurous girl with some crazy schemes. No wonder my children love this book.

Check out the way these letters are put together. Now that's a quilt in the making. I might be tempted to make a purple quilt, just with the influence of this book. I do hope she adds more to the rainbow of books because this family is hooked.


Brenda said...

I love Mabel and I actually know Sheree Fitch and I even made a quilt for her. I know her favourite colour used to be purple, but she's branching out now.

Becky said...

oh this looks like a fun book! I just checked my library online and they don't have it. :( But I did request another from Sheree Fitch! Definitely the makings of a gorgeous quilt.

amandajean said...

i noticed the patchwork looking letters right away. how fun!