11 June, 2010

More on Process

It is wonderful to me to see the momentum around the Process Pledge. As of this morning almost 150 people have taken the pledge. Now, I have no clue what percentage that is of quilters online - small, I'm guessing - but it is quite heartening to see more and more embrace the notion of sharing our process to the advantage of us all.

Make sure you check out the post with all the links. And if you see someone sharing process but they haven't made the pledge, pass on the link. I took a little time this morning to browse the links. I want to share with you some good posts that really demonstrate the spirit of the Process Pledge.

Lulubloom shows us not only the challenge of sharing process, but an honest account of the questions we often ask as we work out a project. She hasn't shown us an update of where this project is heading, but I'm looking forward to it.

Over at Kate Conklin Designs she has shared a few projects now that outline the process. Her most recent post is in the spirit of the Workshop where she is seeking feedback. I want to give her credit for this post in particular because Kate is a pattern designer, but she is still sharing sketches and the development of the design.

I love, love, love this post. It is always a treat to see the questions asked as we stare and play at our design walls (or floors, or beds). A Prairie Home Quilts really captures this well with her Liberated Amish project.

"Taking the process pledge has made me realize that I would like to become more aware of the things around me that inspire," says Penny at Sew Take a Hike. Right on! Process isn't just about sharing how we cut our fabric or even how we picked it.  It starts right from the inspiration.

While most of us have been to Elizabeth's site, Oh Fransson, I adore that she has really taken the Process Pledge to heart. I'll be honest, hers is a site where I get frustrated at her ability to post so many finished projects. But since taking the pledge she has been sharing the details and process of almost all her quilts. And its been fascinating!

Make sure you check out all the links. I've discovered some fantastic, new-to-me blogs.


Rossie said...

awesome post. you are so good at follow through!

Dee Soden said...

G'day there Cheryl, and R0ssie.
Thank you for waking me up. I've taken the pledge and I'm passing on the word here in Australia.
here's what I said at one of my Australian online quilt groups this evening:
for those blogging quilters out there, Friday Flaunters and all, here is a blog
I think you should read.
this item by R0ssie

and this item
also by R0ssie

and this item

which is the original post from Cheryl (Naptime Quilter) that R0ssie refers too.

I enjoyed reading it all and I hope you do too. I also hope it makes you stop
and think a bit too and maybe you will also take The Process Pledge. I know some
of you do write about the process of each of your projects and I do especially
love reading those blogs, but I have been remiss.

Hence, I may not be Friday Flaunting for a while. I won't until I can write a
bit about the process of what I'm flaunting.

Keep up the good work.
Del Soden
New South Wales, Australia.

Momma Made This said...

I'm glad to see that many people have signed up for this. I did when there were only about a dozen listed, and I signed up again about a week later. I wonder if the sign up thingie is not working for everybody? I'll check with R0sie.

Anyway, I totally LOVE this Process Pledge, and I try to share my though processes as I begin or continue with my quilts, and I simply adore being able to read the thought processes by other quilters. This is so great!!!

~ Ronda