14 April, 2010

Workshop in Progress - April 14

My Monster is demonstrating just how I feel right now. So busy playing, but needing the time to take a rest in the middle of it all.

I am in so deep with Quilt Canada stuff these coming weeks, so very little to report from my end. But I can share that there are still tickets left for the evening events during the week, lectures, and even some of the classes. But if you can't do classes, we are still taking volunteers, particularly for white glovers.

In the meantime, this week's Workshop question comes from What KT Made Next. Remember her modern Dear Jane? She has another fabric question for you.  All those lovely pinks! But is this one the right one?


HipHome said...

Hope you can curl up for a rest in the sun soon.
I can't wait for my break too! May 10th is my day of creative freedom for a short bit.
I have decided that at that time I will devote my 2 hours of sewing each afternoon while the boys nap, to actually workout again. Time to give some attention to this post-baby body and set the sewing machine aside for a while :)

elle said...

Best of luck with Quilt Canada, Cheryl. The MB show was last weekend. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the National.

sulu-design said...

What an adorable photo - and how perfectly it conveys the way so many of us often feel.

I came to the post a little late (still trying to work out new routines here), but I loved the whole Easter egg post. So cool that you dyed fabric with the egg dye, and even cooler what you did with it!