17 February, 2010

Workshop in Progress - February 17

A fun week in the Workshop! I don't have much to report other than my latest circles. We're Olympics crazy in this house - you should see the Monster attempting figure skating on the living room carpet and the two of them cheer for Canada - so I'm sharing this photo.  This was after they painted their own bobsleigh. So, not much sewing in our house, but it looks like a lot of you have been busy.

Oh that Bargello! Have you seen Elle's yet? She poses a very interesting question about binding today. What's your vote on her binding?

Katie finished a lovely quilt over at Katie's Korner. But she is stuck on the backing. I am a firm believer that the backs are just as important as the front.  You need to love them too. Do you have any suggestions for her?

Another Katie, at Katie's Salt Marsh Path is working on really neat batik project. She's struggling with some colours in the quilt and ways to change it up before she gets to borders. Can you help her out, she has a few questions on the table?

I have a feeling I will be sewing vicariously with What KT Made Next and her modern Baby Jane. You've helped her pick fabrics, check out what she chose and her first block!

I'm looking forward to another week of creating and challenges from all of you!


Lesly said...

Ha ha ha - those kids are great! What fans! I posted a Go Team Canada shout out today, as well, but we are a bit more subdued chez nous. I'm at a conference in Toronto and haven't seen any Olympic update today - but am a bit afraid to see what fresh hell has transpired. VANOC can't seem to catch a break. Thanks for loaning your Zamboni, Calgary!

KatieQ said...

I love the maple leaves on their chests. Did they manage to get as much paint on their bobsled as they did on themselves? I'm glad you were able to catch that golden moment in a photo. I wish digital cameras were around when my children were little. Those moments are much too fleeting.

elle said...

gosh, Cheryl. It's 20 below over here. Have you got a chinook happening? 8^) But it is good to have rosy cheeks and maple leaves to match. Go Canucks!

オテモヤン said...


KT said...

LOL, what a great photo! It must be so exciting having the Olympics in your country!

brown robin said...

Holy cow! How did your girls get so big?

Jody said...

Go Canada Go:)