26 January, 2010

Workshop in Progress - Jan 27

It's time for Workshop in Progress. I've got a few questions myself about a project, but I want to highlight a few of the other projects out there where the creators are asking for your input. Check out the links and see what you can lend to the creative process. Remember, keep your comments constructive and polite.

Tackling a Dear Jane quilt is a brave and slightly crazy venture. What KT Made Next is getting set to start one of these traditional quilts, with a modern twist.  She is looking for some colour and layout input before she starts. She is also the second person I've seen who uses Excel to work on layouts.  I love this idea!

Making your own baby's quilt is one of the most difficult projects I can think of. Cristin at Sew This is my Life is expecting her first baby and has made a great start on her own baby quilt. She is looking for some quilting advice and any name suggestions (for the quilt), can you help her out?

Beth at Love Laugh Quilt is working on a fantastic, modern basket quilt. She has a couple of different options. I love the idea of combining all the stripes and baskets together, personally, but what do you think?

Over at Blueberry Gabs Jody is looking for some input on the jump to Etsy. She has some gorgeous handknit hats that certainly tempt me.

Jenny from Puddle Jumping Designs and On the Creative Path has quite the challenge facing her with the redecoration of her kids' room. So many crafty and creative possibilities.  What can you recommend to her? Visit her at Puddle Jumping today to help her out.

This is an older post, but another good one for the Workshop.  Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio is always working on an armful of projects.  On this one she isn't totally happy with the layout. Any suggestions for her?

Okay, my turn. I'm still doing nothing but handwork these days. My lovely nanny helped me get this project started yesterday while the girls were napping. I've fused on the shapes and done some outline stitching in black thread, to mimic a line drawing effect, a la Syko

Those orange and yellow circles are balloons.  Well, they will look like balloons once I sew/embroider strings from the little creature's hand to the balloons.  That's where I'm stuck. I'm not entirely sure what to do, as I am not an embroidery person. I don't think I want to use floss though because I don't want the strings to pop out more than the balloons or creature. Or is that just silly? So, stitch and colour recommendations? 

I will be handquilting in the background and turning this whole thing into a pillow. Piping or no piping, that will be a decision for another day.

Thanks for participating in the Workshop today!


felicity.quilts said...

I love the primitive look the outline stitch gives your figure.

If you don't want to have the balloon strings pop out too much, perhaps you could choose a floss that's the same colour as the background, or very close? And it can be just a simple running stitch rather than a chain stitch, which might be heavier than you want. Plus, a running stitch is less embroidery-y (technical term).

Jenny said...

I have to agree with felicity. I was thinking the same thing when reading your post. I think a light blue would have a nice effect and a running stitch would be subtle. Can't wait to see it!

brzeski said...

I have no experience with embroidery, so I don't have much useful to say about the balloon strings. (Except: the design is adorable. I love the little balloon man.)

Mostly, I wanted to thank you for the Workshop idea, and for taking the time to put it together each week. What a great concept.

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Why not applique on long skinny pieces of fabric with the edges turned under? Applique quilters use this technique for vines and flower stems. Here's a tute:


beth said...

Thanks for mentioning my basket quilt! I'll be curious to hear what advice I'll get!
I would love to see a black, broken line for the balloon strings. Just wait and put it in when you quilt this.
it's very cute!

Kris said...

Thanks for the links. I love how your pillow is coming along. What if you quilted the strings in a dark color and quilted the rest of it in a color about equal to the background in a completely different design?

elle said...

Just got home. Good for you, Cheryl. If Wed. nights are going to be booked then I'm staying home during the day from now on so I can whip along with everyone. I shall visit any blogs I haven't been to but I'm kinda stuck for any different ideas for balloon strings other than black quilting lines.

dillpickle said...

I love your pillow so far! Some thoughts re balloon strings: What have you done the balloon/man outlines with? One possibility is to use floss (I know you said you weren't convinced about that!!), and use 2 strands black or white or something a bit neutral and one strand that picks up the main colour in the balloon you're connecting it to. That way it might subtly bring it together?!? I also agree that a running stitch would work nicely - it would be consistent with your outlines and anything too connecty might be too heavy for the look you're after!

I love the handwork you're doing!!

elle said...

Oh, dillpickle's advice is brilliant! subtle with a twist of colour.

Britt said...

I can't tell if the size would work but what about using small rick rack for the strings?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the link. I've had some great comments and it's given me lots to think about!

Now I've got to make time to go check out everyone else's projects and see if I can give some help back.

Your project is really cute! My first thought, which I think someone mentioned above, was to use really thin strips of fabric for the strings and then embroider them down the middle, with the same style and colour of embroidery as the balloons and the person.