14 June, 2009

I Used to Quilt

This about says it all.  A bunch of strips sewn together and just sitting there.  Just sitting there.

Phew, this was an exhausting week.  Work was hell.  The only thing getting me through the week was the promise of a drink with an old friend.   We haven't seen each other in over a year and in two short hours reconnected. Beyond work I had some heavy deadlines for Quilt Canada, I donated blood, and had to pull off a picnic for over 30 for The Monster's birthday this weekend.  Needless to say, I didn't get a lot of quilting done.

This water quilt is a work about process.  That is, I don't have a final design in mind.  A general idea of what it might look like, yes, but no final picture.  I've been sewing strips together in varying thicknesses and lengths.  At some point I'll lay them out and see how they look.  It could be complete crap for all I know.  So far, however, I do like the combination of fabrics.  It is soft at points and bold at others.  Serene, but a bit wild.  A bit like the ocean and only kind of like me.

Here's hoping that once I recover from the fact that my Monster is three (or rather, that I've been a mother for three years) and get the invitations out for my sister's baby shower and help Hubby build a fence and lay sod, then I can get more quilting done.  


elizabeth said...

My guy just turned three, isn't it something? Like two wa just another baby step, but three is the first step to being a big kid. How does it go so fast?

amandajean said...

your quilting process is intruiging me. i like your water strips...it's going to be a fun quilt. i hope you find some time to quilt...it's good for the soul.

brown robin said...

Oh... I do know! I've soooo been there. It is incredibly frustrating to me when I lack time for the things that I love to do... Today I was driving along fantasizing about ways to eek out more time from a day without losing sleep. Hang in there, girl!

Andrea said...

awww...it'll happen soon. Don't you just love it when things all happen together in such a brief amount of time, leaving you overwhelmed?

Love those colours, it will look stunning when it's finished!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

3 - yes it goes so fast!! I feel like everyone has more quilt free time during the spring months, going back to work doesn't help in the least :( Your quilt sounds amazing - I can't wait to see it :)