02 January, 2009

Report From Home

We're back! Back to winter, friends, and our crowded, messy house. And we couldn't be happier.

That's a lie. I could be happier - if I had a camera. In case you didn't know, digital cameras don't like dips in the ocean, no matter how brief.

New camera is on order. And I will post more pictures from our trips - lots of inspiration for new quilts. In the meantime, we are trying to get some order on our house and I am on a label making binge.

For a brief glimpse on our trip make some lime pie. More to come.


amandajean said...

sorry to hear about your camera! that's the pits.

Paula said...

Oh well, cell phones don't like pedicures!! LOL Just another excuse to buy more electronics!!

elizabeth said...

Sorry about the Camera! Happy New Year and welcome home.

Holli said...

Bummer news about the camera - glad a new one is on order. Happy New Year, welcome home, and may 2009 be full of all the things you love most.