19 September, 2008

Hugs From Everywhere

I've been trying all week to get a photo up of the completed top for my Inspired Improvisation. When Hubby's been home he's been working, sick, or we've been busy with the girls. With fall upon us it is much harder to get pictures taken in the daylight. As a compromise, I offer this picture. I promise to get a better one soon.

As for work this week, I actually pieced the back of it already. If Hubby was home and up for it I might be able to get out to a shop and get it basted, using their tables. I might just have to clean the kitchen floor and do it there. You see, I am quite anxious to get going on quilting this one. I've decided on a recipient and I want to be able to take it to him as soon as possible.

My boss has been in the hospital since March. After a barrage of tests and treatments he is now waiting for a heart transplant. He is a young guy for this to happen to (early 50s), and has a gorgeous family in his wife and 10 year old daughter. I knew him for a few years before I took my current job and he's always been a source of inspiration for me. He is so committed to what he does and to the people around him. And right now he is going insane in the hospital, complaining that he is fully institutionalized. I hope this quilt can bring him some brightness and comfort.

While working on this quilt I started thinking about all the fabrics that are a part of it. I haven't bought any fabric of late, making everything from stash. In this quilt alone there are fabrics from many other quilts. So I like to think that I am extending the hugs to my boss from all the other recipients of quilts with the same fabric. That means he is getting hugs from my nephew, my sister-in-law's sister and her husband, my brother and sister-in-law's niece, my old boss and her first baby, a quilting friend in the US, and a few more from Hubby, the Monster, and our family.


amandajean said...

what a beautiful quilt and beautiful sentiment behind the quilt as well! you are so sweet.

Jessica said...

That quilt is looking absolutely lovely!

Carolyn said...

I just jumped over from Martha’s Blog. I wanted to say Hi and nice Blog.

Stop by and visit me sometime…..


elizabeth said...

That's such a wonderful thought, that a little of everyone is going to him.

Samantha said...

hugs from me too, if that helps. I hope he gets his heart ASAP, but I am sure that quilt will bring him some peace in the meantime.