22 June, 2008

Bad Timing

Finally, the quilting on E's baby quilt is done! We've been having a crazy couple of weeks. E is sick, or has reflux, or simply feels the need to throw up nearly everything she eats. It makes for a stinky baby and mama, and a heck of a lot of laundry.

We also had the Monster's second birthday, back in Edmonton. It was just family, but that makes for over 20 people. She was so excited - playing with her cousins, chowing down on her worms in dirt cupcakes, or riding her new tricycle. Mama's apron was chopped liver compared to that red tricycle.

Now, on to binding the quilt. I was test driving some options the other day. I don't have exactly what I want and will have to go shopping this afternoon. E enjoyed hanging out while I played with fabric. She also demonstrated why you make baby quilts washable - she puked right after I took this picture.

I forgot to mention that I did take Glenda's advice and changed the size of the needles to a 90/14. What an improvement! The quilting was finished with no more broken threads. I must remember this if I want to use Sulky again. It would also be a good idea if I have a quilt with lots of seams. Her comments led me to this site: a great explanation of needle sizes.


amandajean said...

oh, no, for all the pukies. I hope you can get it figured it out soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope the tummy troubles can be tamed quickly. My mom still tells stories about what a terrible baby I was with colic, and evidently an undiagnosed milk allergy. While you are out fabric shopping, I recommend you pick up some size 90/14 needles to apply the binding!
Glenda in Florida

elizabeth said...

We just got baby number one a trike for his second birthday, too! And baby number two has reflux. try a teaspoon of Maalox(it's doctor approved!)after a feeding and let her sit up awhile. Sorry for the unsolicited advice, I clearly remember that reflux cry. and the pukie. Good luck! Sending good thoughts your way.....

Jenny said...

My son went through reflux - it was no fun! We had him on baby zantac for a while and that helped a lot. It's hard to tell with these little ones though!

I am in the midst of potty training and have cleaning up poop all week. So it looks like we are both smelly.

Can't wait to see the baby blanket!