08 May, 2008

Slow and Steady

It turns out I likely had a stomach bug last week. Cramping in one part of the gut causes cramping in another... My husband likes to point out that I probably still have a few weeks left. Thanks Hubby, for the painful reminder.

At least it gives me time to make some more progress on the Baby Quilt. I had the quilting about half done then spent the hour of American Idol on Tuesday ripping out half of that. The quilt has a center medallion in the quilting pattern and what I had done just didn't work for me. I should be able to redo that during the Monster's nap tomorrow.


amandajean said...

hang in there, friend!

the quilt is looking lovely.

elizabeth said...

Oh no, that's awful. The having to rip, not the not being in labor. I really like your wavy-ness, though. And you can totally send me a photo of the mug. I'll look for it. Happy Mum's Day!

Samantha said...

Quilt is looking great; fingers crossed that the babe stays put and treats you well so you can finish it!

thestraightpoop said...

Hi you,

How is it coming along? (The quilt, and the baby...)

C, the biggest thank you and hug to you for your support during the tough times. Your words and advice were, as usual, very fitting and like a warm embrace.

I miss you.